13 August 2008

I'm famous! And start of autumn already?

I was walking back from town just now with some heavy shopping (the last few bits for Jenna's party including masses of fresh fruit juice) and had to excuse myself around the queue at the chip shop. I apologised for almost tripping over a lady, who laughed and told me that she didn't mind and was not at all envious of my journey home with all those bags. I joked that at least I wasn't carrying the baby as well, and she said, "Oh, you're the lady who always has the baby strapped to you! You're doing a sterling job there, keep it up love. Your girls are lovely."

Yesterday Jenna and I used up the last of the summer fruits from the freezer, many from our garden, some from my mum's garden (the rhubarb) and some from the farm shop. We made this crumble. Yum.

And I decided on a whim to change the cloth on the Season Table to the Autumnal orange silk, because after all we're rapidly heading towards harvest. We also had a lot of dried seed pods and grasses collected from the garden (and poppy heads from mum's garden that we shook all over our borders before putting in the vase) so it seemed fitting to show them off properly. :)


  1. You know hon, if I didn't know better I'd think you were like me (i.e. pagan). I love the season table it's gorgeous.

    I have also been boasting about Jenna and that picture you posted of Jenna putting together those cards into that beautiful pattern - lol in part to show that "unschooling" is an effective way to "school".

  2. I am like you. :) But a Christian. ;)

    Have you guys got a season table? We're doing an item swap for Autumn on the Green Parent forum. www.thegreenparent.co.uk

  3. :-) Very true.

    Not quite, I have an alter which I add/change at the equinoxes (usually) or if I find interesting pebbles, feathers, seeds, leaves, twigs etc when out in the woods, invariable those end up on there too.

    Seeing your crafty endeavours has inspired me to get the paints out and I have some ideas for paper maiche.

  4. Well, I guess it's better than being famous for being the person who walk around town dressed as a 17th century gentleman! How nice to have some positive comments!

    The broken Man

  5. It *was* rather nice, since normally I get Semi-naked Drunk Guy coming up to tell me that my baby is suffocating, "like them poor black babies".

    Joxy, did you see the papier mache site I posted up a while ago? We're still trying to finish that mermaid LOL...

  6. Fab seasons table and yes you are doing a great job with your lovely children ... crumble looks wonderful, yum.
    Posted little tribute to your babies on my blog, hope its ok.

  7. I love the season table...will be stealing inspiration from it ;-)

  8. hi, I just wanted to say ''hello'' and to let you know that you truley are an inspiration. Ive only recently started reading your blog (Ive only just discovered blogs!!!) Anyway, beautiful family and very inspirational lovely mama.

    sue xx

  9. yes I bookmarked it as soon as I saw the link and I got a lovely book out of the library that has inspired me too - now I'm just waiting for all the free papers to come through the door - lol when one wants them they don't deliver and when one would rather they didn't I have 2 or 3 coming through the door in one week! (which sadly I've recycled already)

  10. Thanks all, and welcome Sue! (And of course I don't mind, you lovely gentle mama you.)

  11. You've inspired me to give our season table a spring clean and create a gentle autumnal feel :)

    Lol at derby's famous babywearer too!


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