7 August 2008

Lots of unconnected stuff

Firstly, my excuses for being absent. I am so TIRED. In fact, if it weren't for the two small people waking me up to inconsiderately demand food and drinks and stories and walks to the park and more food, I'd happily be sleeping all day.

I didn't get to sleep at all yesterday, for both much worse and much better reasons. The worse reasons are that I have all-day-miserable-sickness again! Yipee! The better reason was that my mum took us out for a bit to prevent the tiredness and sickness resulting in me screaming at the children to JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! We discovered this place - Croots Farm Shop and Cafe. :) So of course I did a bit of shopping, local sources of organic/freedom food being somewhat of a classic weakness of the Eco-Geek.

Morgan is still not sleeping so well, but she has consented to settle for Daddy and shockingly has even been cuddled to sleep twice by me in the last two days without nursing. At all. :o Anyway, she's gorgeous, and there are times when you can forgive them any ammount of lack of sleep. This was one of them...

We finally worked out why the chicken feed hadn't turned up too, as we got an automated email to our enquiry about why they'd taken our payment and not delivered our sack of layers' feed: The shop is closed until September. Which I did NOT see any sign of on the website. My poor hungry chickens! I spent my last pennies on ebay buying a small bag to tide us over until we can find a petshop or farm that will supply more for this month!

Lastly, to go with my brag about how grown up Jenna is (and how smart), a gorgeous picture of her the day before yesterday. She had given up nagging me for a drink (I was nursing Morgan, as I always seem to be when Jenna needs something!) and so she had gone to sulk in the comfort corner, where she promptly fell asleep.

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