8 September 2008

Back! Sort of...

There comes a point at which I have to stop procrastinating and pick up my life where I left off - at least as far as I can. I admit, mostly I've been hiding out. But I've also gradually got more and more sick over the week away until now (10 weeks gestation) there's no denying we're back to full hyperemesis, throwing up at the sight (or smell) of most food, and living mostly off lemonade and ice chips.

Martin is being a star. He has left three pre-cooked meals in the fridge for me, so that I can eat something without having to think about it first, and snacks, so that I can try to maintain what I ought to be doing (ie two bites every two hours). The children are fending for themselves. I think that's why I'm not worried about adding another to our family, even rubbish pregnancy notwithstanding, because going from one to two was so HARD sometimes.

Jenna was so little, and I had to keep providing food and drinks and other things for which I had to get up - no matter how sick, no matter how tired, no matter how much I needed to nurse the newborn. This time around, Jenna can fetch drinks and snacks and help take care of Morgan, although I worry sometimes about letting her pick up the burden of daily tasks like that.

Fair or not, at least when I can hardly shift from the bathroom floor I don't have to at the same time hear my toddler crying her eyes out for milk (or a sandwich, or a hug). They meet each others needs so beautifully, and without me asking them to take anything on. According to my grandmother, the girls have an unhealthy dependancy on each other. Because they cry when separated. I don't understand that one, not at all, because why shouldn't they prefer to be together? They don't ALWAYS, and they won't FOREVER. ;)

Anyhow, I promise I will copy up all the stuff I wrote when away, and all of the lovely pictures we took, and start posting around the place again. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I am getting dizzy again and am off to lie down and maybe eat something. Although the thought makes me go green again...


  1. Sorry not much help Sarah but......aaaaaaggghhh!!!!!
    How annoying are these idiots?
    I'm fairly sure swaps are to arrive sometime mid september, something to do with one of the celebrations?? If I recall it was though a good idea to combine the two. Possibly 21/22 Sept the equinox? Yes I think so, just around our busy family time for celebrations.
    HTH ;-)

  2. Thankyou hun, that has put my mind at rest a little. :)

    I wouldn't have to post it until after I get back, so I won't be letting anyone down. *sigh*

    I'm still very annoyed indeed. I hope the GP team manage to fix it all up quickly and no lasting damage is done.

  3. Glad you're back - sorry to hear about the horrible sickness. Hope you have some good friends around you to help out (sorry to be so far away!)

    The Broken Man

  4. I love reading about the way in which your two girls interact, don't find it unhealthy at all. Hoping the sickness eases somewhat for you soon

  5. Good to have you back Sarah!


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