15 September 2008

Jenna speaks out (again) and Morgan gets really brave...

Today in town we had several more of "those" homeschool conversations - you know, the ones with total strangers who can't think of anything more to ask a tot than "shouldn't you be in school?" The first person, a lady on our bus, just got a little smile from Jenna and the gentle reply, "No, I'm homeschooled."

The second lady (in The Pier, as we were waiting for Morgan and my mum to return from an errand) got Jenna's full little explanation "I learn all the time and I don't need to go to school, I can have homeschool and stay with my mummy and play with my sister - I miss Morgan, when is she coming back?"
Lady: "Is she away?"
Me: "She only went in another shop, she'll be here soon."
Lady: "Is she a twin? She seems ever so close to her sister."
Jenna: "No, Morgan is only one. I'm four."
Lady (to me): "Four? Really? She's very articulate. It's obviously doing her good."
Jenna: "Can we go and look over here? [As we head out of hearing with the shop assistant looking on...] I like this rug, it has nice textures... This one is smooth, but this one is really rough. Oh! Shiny lamps!"

Anyhow, the plan is for Morgan to stay over with my mum tonight for the first time. Actually, I'm not expecting her to actually stay but she wanted to try. Jenna got over her upset in about thirty seconds - as long as it took for me to promise to make popcorn with her, her idea of a suitable consolation prize.

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