12 January 2009

Yup, it's me again!

Computer: back and in fully working condition.

Children: absolutely flipping manic (has someone been feeding them caffeine??!), parenting them right now feels like trying to juggle a sackful of monkeys.

Me: still sick, still better than I was, still a bit up and down (but again generally better) and totally totally shattered from making an average of six bathroom trips a night...

Baby: wiggly. Cutely sticky-out. And stubbornly the wrong way up most of the time.

Life in general: really good. Lots of craft stuff and fun games and other things that make me smile.

Proper updates and some backdated pictures and ramblings: coming up when I'm less shattered.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naomi darling, I'm so so sorry you had a tough day. I also know that you will hate me for calling belated and unwanted attention to you, but you're a star and if anyone deserves a bit of a fuss making of them it's you. (birthday hugs) We're building up quite a pile of presents after so long so either postage needs to get REALLY cheap or we HAVE to come and see you. If you leave it til that little toddler turns two you won't be able to carry everything that made me think of you in the interim. ;)


  1. Oh welcome back. I so wanted to ring you again but didn't want to be a web stalking weirdo lol.

  2. Yay! Glad to have you back :)

    Computers are stupid arent they? I've just forked out £400 from my wedding fund for a laptop because my old one is just completely beyong repair but I was going completely dolally without one.

    Am I the only one yearning for more bump pics?

  3. Great to see you back!

    The Broken Man

  4. Glad to see you back and feeling positive!

  5. Aw, hey, Becks - you're a nice web stalking wierdo. :)

    Thanks for the welcomes (back) folks.

  6. Lovely to see you back Sarah :)


  7. Hi Sarah

    So pleased to see you back! Going to enjoy the next little while catching up on your posts!


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