30 January 2009

There are nice people in the world...

Just had a *very* embarrased call from the young manager of Magic Attic to say that he found my mobile and hopes I don't mind that he looked through the phonebook to find my home number! :)

So I was totally wrong about where I left it, but at least I get it back some time soon.


  1. Would it make you feel better to know that I regularly loose my phone even when I'm not pregnant? My best trick is leaving it in the cupholder at the cinema. I put it in there so I can see it light up if there is a problem with T, but 3/4times I walk away with it still in there and have to go back and explain myself to the teenage boys who 'guard' the cinema corridors

  2. Earthmummy, I once left my *shoes* in the cinema - that was embarrassing!


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