29 January 2009

Found maternity notes, lost phone

I'm doing really well this week (with more than a note of sarcasm I have to admit). My maternity notes showed up - IN A BOX OF CLEAN WASHING in the kitchen of all places. Don't ask. And today, I left my phone behind at the till at the wholefoods shop.

In trying to get my phone back, I have left not one but two embarrasing messages on the shop's answer phone. Message one included my usual talking-to-a-machine-embarrased-ramble and very very nearly forgot to include my name. And of course then I had to ring back and leave a second message to give contact details, because the first time I *started* to give my home phone number and forgot the last three digits.

Crazy? Pregnant useless brain? Combination of the above?

I did at least remember to get organic soap flakes, local salad, and milk. Also walked down Normanton Road and went in all the sari fabric shops (well OK I know but I didn't go and buy more fabric, honest) and found henna to do my belly. I think the plan is for my female friends and relations to gather on Saturday for a bump blessing party, and we're going to henna my belly - or try to... :)

Anyone too far away to come join us, feel free to send a small bead for my labour bracelet if you'd like! And if you're close enough and haven't had a personal invitation, seriously, invite yourself.


  1. Please PM me your address so I can send you a bead. xx

  2. Alison (lilac73)30 January 2009 at 21:31

    I'd like to send you a bead too, my bracelet from Adam's labour is very special to me, I regret that I didn't have one from Edward's.

  3. Hey me too!! PM me your addy and I'll pop one in the post. I sooooo love my birth necklace, it has been really lovely to gather and make, and I am so looking forward to wearing it soon. I'd love to help with yours.


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