27 January 2009

Cold MUDDY walks and bump pictures again

Shipley Park with my mum today, cold noses all round and one pair of totally soaking wet trousers (Morgan's). She headed right for a huge deep muddy icey puddle, jumped right in, and then cried until I took all her clothes off and put her in the sling for the rest of the way around! It's funny spending time with my mum at the moment; we constantly say the same thing to the children in the exact same tone and in perfect unison. There are worse things to become than my mother though...

This is how Morgan is most commonly riding at the moment (now you see why I need a shortie, right?) - the Girasol is getting most use because it's my shortest but thickest wrap! Plus this is kind of another bump picture, so two for the price of one.

And, with the lack of motivation thing, I did get around to doing *something* small, just for me. Mostly just to prove that I can. I saw a lady wearing something similar and thought "oh, I want one" and indulged myself by going home and having a go.

And yet another bump picture. You know you love the bump pictures. ;)

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  1. Wow, I've got to come and see that bump before it's too late! Next week maybe hun? If we're all recovered by then! ;) :) xxx


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