28 January 2009

The floor is under there somewhere...

Jenna: "I think we put shouty mummy back in her box, didn't we mom?"

This may or may not be because we put a LOT of other things back in their boxes too, and hence the stress of trying to find my notes is vastly reduced. Not that the actual notes have actually reappeared - but I now do at least believe it is possible.

And... Is it nesting if I suddenly get the urge to drag everything out from under my bed?


  1. nesting indeed! woohoo :o)

    cant wait to see you guys and let jack loose on the new kitchen. he's gonna love it!

    kim x

  2. :))) I rather wish that instinct would descend upon me these days lol. Downstairs is ok, my bedroom...... many many boxes to still unpack and places to find for the stuff.... one day eh. lol

  3. Tell me about it! I started with the hall last week, knowing that I would be embarrased for Kim to see it in its previous state (and we don't stand on ceremony here lol, she saw the washing mountain last time she stayed!) but somehow I think it kicked me into gear...

    I can't think of any logical reason why a sane person would look under my bed, but today I felt the need to scare the spiders again. ;) Glad it isn't just me who frequently just banishes it all to a less visible part of the house!


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