19 January 2009

Printing and tie-dye fun

So here is all of the girls' hard work printing and fabric painting; the vest with the tree painted on it is all my work, and I helped with the more complicated shapes for printing, but the tiny t-shirt with "fireworks" on it is all their co-operative effort! :)

And a lot of dying, to liven up some pale pale blue and a couple of white baby items. The tie-dye sleepsuit is much more brown than pink, but I took this picture at night without a flash. The giraffe top was a 50p charity shop find in black and white, and Martin hated it. He's much more keen for some reason, now that it is bright orangey-red.

Here I am, wearing the turquoise maternity top that Jenna printed little leaves and flowers all over. You can't see much of the t-shirt, because Morgan is in the way, but to my mind that just makes for an even better picture. ;)

All of the pregnancy weaning urge has faded now, in fact there was less of that than I expected (nursing Jenna in pregnancy I found VERY frustrating), but even those few INTENSE moments of "oh just leave me alone" have gone. Don't get me wrong, I'm still nursing a toddler and so still have those moments to some degree ;) and plenty of times when she asks for milk and I say no because I'm busy or feel like saying no because I'm not in the mood. But then when I take her in my arms it's like that wonderful newborn honeymoon phase all over again, when the tough bit is starting to be just a memory and you can lose yourself in those baby eyes for hours.

I've been a bit quiet about this, I suppose because it's just unusual to talk about breastfeeding a two year old in most circles. But I really love nursing her again, and I've come round from just wanting it to work out and knowing that it's the best thing for us, and truly enjoying the closeness and peace it brings to a very chaotic time!


  1. What dye do you use hon?

    I know what you mean about breastfeeding a 2yr old, there are times when I want to tell him to leave me alone; but then, as you say, I take him into my arms and its magical. My favourite time is at night when he's snuggled against me suckling to sleep, he almost looks like a newborn again :)

  2. I used ordinary dylon (the advantages of the yucky chemicals are that it washes well and is really cheap). I've been wondering where to get koolaide in the UK though... ;)

    The red is "scarlet" apparently, and the brown was one of the new style sachets. The fabric painting is all using some very elderly glass pots of dylon fabric paint. The silver is especially good!

  3. Impressive dyeing job there! =]

    Anything I've ever tried to dye has come out looking like sludge. Yum

  4. My little man is 20 months old and everyone just keeps asking me when I am going to stop. Part of me wants to stop and part of me wants to keep going just to keep eveyone on there toes. There is now way the little man is going to give it up with out a fight. I have never nursed while preg but I have heard thet it is painful. Just do what feel right for you.

  5. You can get "Still breastfeeding, still none of your business" badges from the Lactivist t-shirt printing site, I got it to annoy my grandmother. ;) :D

    I'm really looking forward to finally tandem nursing, but then again Morgan might be contrary like Jenna was and stop just as I'm starting to be really happy that she's still going strong!


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