28 January 2009

Shouty mummy

Shouty mummy is out already today. This is what happens when I realise that the house is so much of a mess I can't find my maternity notes, which I need to let the diabetic nurse know my blood sugar results, and spend an embarrased ten minutes with the phone wedged under my ear trying to find the dratted things.

Jenna asks me when nice mummy is coming back, and nearly gets beheaded for her daring. Normally my sense of proportion would be restored a little by this kind of question from the lovely little imp, but not today.

Tired and grumpy. But normal-grumpy not depressed-grumpy, and the doctor gave me the OK to stop taking antidepressants so there are things to be happy about this morning. Even if the cat scratched me for trying to move a blanket she was sitting on, and the children are trying to untidy everything I put away, and the dishes need doing. The computer area is tidier than it has been in months. And I can see my window sill. And my hall is very clean.

Think I'm ready to rejoin the fray. Maybe shouty mummy just needed to rant for a bit, and can go away now for a while.


  1. "Jenna asks me when nice mummy is coming back, and nearly gets beheaded for her daring."

    Aye, but at least she is confident and feels loved enough to know she can ask such a question - when I was her age I wouldn't have dared, in fact if my "shouty" mum was around I would hide!

  2. Same here ...so good to read your post! When it happens around here - very stressed lately - my daughter says she wants happy mommy to come back and not shouty mommy. Sometimes she asks if I need a cuddle. I'm usually so delighted that she can express that, that I can change direction, but not always :-( Make mental note to find a better way for shouty mommy to express anger NOT AT PEOPLE! I also used to have to hide as a child.


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