21 January 2009

Another busy random unschooling day

We had such a lovely lovely day yesterday. Mostly it was lovely because it was peaceful, and because I stayed calm, managed to get some time to read some of my library books, and the girls were generally very sweet and funny. Days like that make me feel like I'm not doing so badly after all. :)

We played snap and dominoes (both of which are at the moment) and the girls carried on a ton of observed role play which I would love to be able to write up properly because it is so typical of everything good in our lives at the moment... Jenna had the mandala cards out... We cooked... I should have written down everything we did, because if I could even categorise half of what we did into conventional subjects we probably covered a week's curriculum!

But anyway, at least I *can* share some pictures of a crazy active two hour long yoga and dance session. We started off doing some yoga stretches, Jenna suggesting a progression, me suggesting a related pose, telling stories about the movements and talking about how our bodies were feeling and about our breathing... This is me doing a progression from Warrior Pose, still in my PJs, with a headscarf tied around my head (by Jenna) to "make [me] look like a fierce warrior woman"! As reluctant as I am to share these picture of myself (which I don't like at all), they do carry some amazing memories. It's funny, normally pregnancy is the time when I am most comfortable in my body and most like my curves, and yet I'm dithering about posting up pictures taken by my four year old of me dancing around like a lunatic wearing an unflattering bra... Right, dilemma over, I'm putting them up and telling myself to stop being silly.

Jenna was half singing half chanting one of my favorite verses for pregnancy and childbirth - "For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of love and of power and a strong mind." (2 Timothy 1:7) I love this kid, she is going to be an amazing birth supporter!

We ended up carrying on for ages, and doing lots of bellydance; talking about childbirth and the birth dance and the history and social context of bellydance, messing about using veils... And then more yoga. It was amazing. Again, I wish I could really write it down. Even the pictures don't really tell much, because most of the blissful lively restful fun morning it didn't even occur to us to get the camera out, which shows how engrossed Jenna was (normally she wants to photgraph EVERYTHING!).Here are some more baby-related yoga-ish stuff Jenna was coming up with. She had me come back down to join them on the floor after I'd sat down for a break, and then tied a red ribbon around my belly; she said it was my cord tied to my belly button, connecting me to all of my children. We talked about how my mother carried me in her tummy, and her mummy carried her, and we are all connected through time to every generation. She is fascinated at the moment with the idea of the placenta and is really curious to see one in real life.This is Jenna and Morgan gently rocking a doll in a pale blue silk cloth. The story for this picture was about the baby being rocked gently in the waters in my womb. Jenna laughed, gave the cloth a speedy shake, and said THAT was how the baby felt when I was just dancing and doing belly rolls! In the picture she's singing a made-up lullaby.

Ah, and because I'd forgotten I'd taken them and can't resist, look at these pictures of Jenna working on mandala designs. :)


  1. Actually Sarah, I like that picture. It shows a happy, natural mother who loves to engage with her children and follow the natural progression of their mental and emotional growth, flowing with them and being involved with them as people.

    And i dont think that bra is particularly unflattering. It cant be worse than the one I've been wearing today ;)

    ps. have I ever told you that Jenna is very very clever? She's definately too bright for school, that one :)

  2. Aw thankyou. :)

    Lol it is an awful bra though - I think it's a 42D and I'm a 34G! But hey, there's another story for TMI-blog-world: I found nursing bras ACTUALLY IN MY SIZE in Debenhams the other day. So I have no excuse for keeping the horrible old ill-fitting one. ;)

  3. I really like the photo too, its fun and spontaneous. Its helping me to become resolved about loosing a bit of weight so I can be more active with Rye.

    She certainly is a bright one; her creativity is wonderful to see and read about.


  4. It's a great photo, they all are. Oh Sarah, how I wish you could unschool me! I actually have quite fond memories of school, and partly for that reason I will enrol Tilly in school, but I also want to enrich her with a more holistic education at home. Were you homeschooled? Have you written anywhere about your decision to unschool?

  5. Love the pictures hun, you suit pregnancy (that sounds stupid now I've written it) I'm sure ykwim! You're beautiful and I love looking at pictures of you all. The mandala patterns are cool :) Jenna is one bright cookie, as Izzi said. I'm about to update my blog but I'm much more confident about a trip to Derby now so will be in touch :) xxx

  6. Joxy: Bellydance is so fun, and a great way to gain a bit of fitness and tone without pressure (or losing the womanly curves). I highly recommend it if you can find a class! We started the yoga working only from books - My Daddy's a Pretzel was the first and Jenna still loves it. :)

    Willow: I'm unschooling myself too lol, and Jenna is coming along for the ride unless I feel she needs and wants something different. I'll write more about unschooling some time soon, but I think I've written some ramblings elsewhere if you try searching the post tags!

    Naomi: Aw that would be wonderful sweetie. Don't push yourself on my account, but it would be lovely to see you all again. xx


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