19 January 2009

Tired and fed up!

We made it to story time today, but only just. I am REALLY SICK of Morgan refusing to go in the sling and I am REALLY SICK of her screaming and refusing to walk (and then screaming and refusing to be carried) and the book bag was heavy and Morgan was heavy and both children wanted to run off and explore this wonderful big wide world (not caring for hazards such as busses etc)...

I'm not stressed any more. But only because as soon as Martin got home I ran off and had a bath and massaged bump and washed my hair and read one of my library books! Daddy did tea, and I came down not feeling like throttling anyone.

I've been doing day 4 of the blood glucose monitoring today (3 days one week, 3 days the next week, was the recommendation) and everything is still reassuringly normal. I noticed that when my blood sugars were low today that was when I was most tired and stressed, so I'm resolving to try really hard to eat more frequently!

And that's the story for today. Repeat as needed: She will not be two forever...

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  1. I have the opposite issue, I want the little man to walk and he wants to be carried all the time and if I don't he whinges and throws himself on the floor. GRRRRR And then I feel like horrible mummy because I'm dragging him along.

    Yes I'll repeat too... they won't be 2 forever!



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