22 January 2009

Toddler sling protest - think I've cracked it!

Mum took us out for a bit earlier and I took the sling, knowing that we'd have the same protests and issues as usual but figuring I can't carry her without some kind of sling really. After half an hour, of course Morgan wanted "up" and out came the sling.

Then I thought about it, smiled to myself, and wrapped her in a hip carry.

And she didn't protest. She was right where she wanted to be (hugging my breasts lol), she was comfy, she wasn't having to walk, etc, etc. NOW WHY DIDN'T I DO THAT BEFORE??! I tried wrapping her on my front again last week but she's TWO and it's so uncomfortable with the bump. But on my hip nice and high she feels fine and I don't ache!


Now I just need a shortie wrap... My ring slings aren't tough enough for the use she would get out of them and my wraps are all super-long... Uhoh. And Martin had just *stopped* clutching his wallet, because I had rejected the only two new slings I wanted for the new baby as too hard to get hold of! Anyone got a 3m going cheap? ;)

This happens so often I don't know what's wrong with my brain. Some kind of discipline clash goes on for ages before finally I realise that it isn't what THEY want that's the problem, and it isn't MY needs that are the problem. The problem is, I just need to look at it another way and work out how we can all get what we want. When I keep trying and trying to override their needs or mine, we all get resentful and tired. And often it's something so *obvious*!


  1. I've got a hardly used short Storch - think it's about 4.2m but may be less (can measure if you're interested) which I'm about to list for sale when I can figure out how! It's in Ulli.

    Glad you've found something that works for you; I am about given up with wearing now as Marcus is toooooo heavy for my back, however I wear him, and if he sleeps I can't move him, so get trapped for ages when I can't sit down, whereas in a buggy I can at least park him and have a cup of tea!

  2. Glad you've cracked it but can't help on the cheap 3m front, I was thinking a shorty might be a good idea too!

  3. I've been looking... But I really don't want more than 3.6m (I think 2.5 would be about perfect but struggling to find anything I like). And of course I don't have any money for *weeks* lol. The sewing machine is broken too, otherwise I'd make one, I've got some gorgeous heavy woven cotton in my fabric stash. *sigh*

  4. i can bring my sewing machine with me????

  5. Lol if that's you Kim, then yes please! :) I'll never turn down the chance to ignore everyone for half an hour and whizz up a new sling...

  6. haha yes its me sorry i realised just cos its anonymous i dont *have* to leave my name off LOL

    my sister has it at the minute but it should be fine xx


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