24 January 2009

Pending sewing projects

Curses! Now I want one of these Onbags! And I just know I could make one really quickly and cheaply, if only I could afford to replace the sewing machine. Oh I know, I get to use one while we have visitors, but if I truly try to finish all of the current projects that have been held in stasis due to my laziness about hand-sewing everything, I won't see my guests at all!

I've cut out the pieces for a BBO-style mei tai - and have lots of ideas about making one more like the Napsack shape too, but with pretty aplique like the Chinado. I have some pretty fabric for a ring sling that is just crying out for a hem and some rings. I even have woven cotton that would solve instantly the shortie wrap question, if I could be bothered to do four straight hems. Yes, I know, I know, I don't need more slings...

But I have bits cut out for a gorgeous blue, red and brown patchwork blanket for the baby. And a summery skirt for me to enjoy post-birth. Not to mention the green velvet goddessy dress, which I did wear at Christmas but which bugged me endlessly by being too loose at the back and if I'm going to wear it again BOTH long side seams need restitching which is a loong job by hand.

I even recently found a pattern in a charity shop, for nice simple trousers for Jenna (who adores slouchy trousers), and it was a bargain. 50p! But it's just sitting there on the side now, looking at me in a way that cannot fail to induce guilt at my lack of motivation.


Too many projects, not enough energy. Or money would do just fine. As, in this case, money could replace energy by making everything so much quicker and simpler... *self pitying moan*

Off to ask on freecycle... And if all else fails, wait just a little longer in the hopes that there will be some spare money next month. Or the month after.


  1. Oops, sorry. But you DO need an Onbag, probably more than you need more slings! Did you take a look at the pattern? I'm going to see if my Mum can make me one, I fancy purple corduroy.
    Hope you find a sewing machine soon... I know "Earthmummie" had one on GP she was looking to sell on, as she had upgraded. xx

  2. Ah bet me to it, I was just about to suggest freecycle.

    I really like the Onbags too, although the cost is very too much for my pocket but I was thinking I could probably crochet something very similar.... lol you have lots of sewing projects I have lots of crochet projects...... which would get on much m uch quicker if I stopped spending so much on time...... its just so nice after not having the net at home for over a year lol.

    Tomorrow I WILL finish the lion for Rye and perhaps make a start on the dragon for a friend's daughter.

  3. Oh btw, I'll post out the wraps on Monday - I needed to wash one of them. Plus theres a few bits I need to finish off for the girls :)

  4. Excellent news on the sewing machine front - not only does someone have one I can take off their hands for FREE, but they're going to actually deliver it to me so I don't have to arrange transport. :)

    Unfortunately this means I woke up at about 2am the last two nights in a row thinking about fabric combinations. DH isn't sure whether it's funny or scary. ;)


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