14 January 2009

And finally, yes I can do as I'm told (sometimes)

And here, in fact, is that promised totally up to date bump picture. Pictures plural, even, since you've been so patient! :)

The children are still both loving the weasel. How cute is this?

Also note more charity shop bargain clothes - especially the red tunic which is so VERY Morgan. We've been making so many things for the baby, dying and printing and weaving and, well, all sorts of crafty persuits, but uploading all of those pictures has sapped my brain of any coherant ramblings. On that note, off to take a final blood glucose level before falling into bed...


  1. Great to see you back, I've been checking your blog regularly lol!

    Beautiful bump pics Sarah, you are looking fabulous, love that dress too :)

    Gina xxx

  2. Ohhhhh, how exciting, you look fabulous hon! Ilove the dress too...and I want the "weasel" lol

    Might see how much delivery is.

  3. The dress was a primark discard two years ago (less than £4 because a strap was broken) and it's far too big for me, but who cares when there are belts and sewing needles in the world?! ;) I love love love taking bump pictures...

    Joxy, the weasel is lovely, not as sturdily made as a more expensive one but fine for us. It's HUGE too, twice the size of ELCs version. Just need to find our big playtent clips to hold the paper still or it all gets pulled off the roll!

  4. Love the bump pics, you look great! Nice to have you back and keep chuckling about the weasel!

  5. Aw, baby bumps are so beautiful :) There's something so precious about them. It's almost enough to make me want one :) and I'm definately feeling nostalgic.

    Could you pretty please email me your address when you've got a second? I've been accidentally accumulating baby stuff (I keep seeing things and thinking "Sarah would like that") Just little things though, nothing to be afraid of. I'm just finishing off something for the girls and then it's ready to post.

  6. You look so very beautiful and glowing! Lovely to see :-)
    Uma x

  7. Jenna looks so grown up!
    That's a great looking bump you've got there... I'm starting to feel broody again :-0
    Sam xx

  8. Hi Sarah
    Nice to see you back online!!

    Your bump looks fab :)

    I think we might invest in a 'weasel' as i think my two would love one.

    Glad your all ok.

    Kit x

  9. The pics are gorgeous, you all look great.

  10. Aw thanks all! And I just noticed poor hubby in the back of that last picture of Morgan, trying to get the computer to upload something. *grins*


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