23 January 2009

Anxious about medication

If I stop taking my medication today and my baby is born before 35 weeks, my milk could damage its liver. If I keep taking my medication, that time is pushed further and further forward.

The NHS say that the risk of liver damage is small and it would "probably" be OK. The breastfeeding experts (LLL, kellymom, etc) say that the risk of harm with a preemie is even greater, and that breastfeeding a premature baby while on fluoxetine is "not recommended".

Why do I put myself in this position? I needed to feel like I was doing everything I could to return life to normal for my two girls. And now once again I'm finding out information I really could have done with before making a decision about anti-depressants, and I don't know what to do. Self-pitying post over, off to call a pharmacist.

Later update: (7.30pm) I've spoken to enough people to calm down anyway, and to get a better idea of what stopping medication would and could mean, and how long it will be until it's out of my system. The pharmacist I eventually spoke to was wonderful, although obviously reluctant to give me concrete advice as my doctor would know better how I'm coping. ;)

Anyway, I've decided to come off the medication. I've only taken half of the dosage I ought to in the last month anyway, and if I stop them today then it will be four weeks before we can tell where we go from here and decide what if anything I go back onto. And now I've made a decision, I feel so much less anxiety about the baby arriving early. :)

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  1. Glad you managed to reach a decision, the fact that you're only on half the dose anyway is good


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