1 June 2007

Still not co-sleeping, not sure how to feel!

Morgan is still sleeping mostly in the moses basket this week - I kind of miss waking up next to her but I don't miss being kicked! She still comes in to climb all over me first thing, and that's a bit of a pain as ever, but it is always great to see her little cheeky smiling face.

We went to buy a hoover this morning, so my floors can finally be clean enough for Morgan to spend more time playing and less time being washed. Dad took us, and then we went into town to have some lunch with my mum who was really fed up. It has been a really full, busy day. And I like days like that!

Also, Morgan is cruising now, in a little clumsy cute way. She falls down more often than not, and cries in frustration. But I've learnt not to move her away as that only makes her more cross. Jenna is fascinated, but also very confused as to why she isn't allowed to "help"...

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