18 June 2007

Bad weather and chicken feed!

The chickens are not my friends. It has been blisteringly hot, followed by extended periods of thunder and lightening - not that it seems to bother them apart from that it is very wet and they are getting a bit muddy. These birds just don't have the brains to stay inside!

With all their feathers plastered down they look for all the world as if they have been plucked.

Our latest lesson in chicken keeping has been the preparation of food. We had pellets for them until I ordered the wrong kind of food this time, the second bag of food we have bought in fact. We have mash. Does it tell you anywhere online how to prepare mash? It does not.

Basically it can be fed dry or wet. "Wet" means you pour the same again in water (boiling) over it, stir, and serve when it has cooled. They appear to REALLY LIKE this. I have also read passing suggestion to cooking the mash over a low heat with vegetable scraps added, and wonder if this is perhaps a way to get my Fat Ladies to eat carrot (which so far they totally reject in favour of, well, anything else). I have not risked one of my two non-peeling teflon coated pans to find out.

So, apart from the news that we have sproutings that may be carrot and that the lettuces are starting to look like lettuces... My garden is, more or less, surviving.

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