30 June 2007

Frightening strangers and broken appliances

I had a strange formal introduction to Maarja, my brother’s fiancé, today. My electric went down and I had to ring for help, feeling terribly female as I did so. So with Morgan naked in the sling I fled to my Dad’s house with hair all askew and baby spit down my trousers. I unlocked the door there, got inside, took Morgan out of the sling, grabbed the phone and… realised that there was a pretty young woman standing there looking bemused. *blush*

She was lovely about it actually, and obviously we realised right away who the other was. I text Paul to apologise for bursting in on her and he laughed at me and said she “appeared unperturbed”. I must have looked wrecked.

I worked out what the problem was though, our dryer has died and cuts out the whole of my downstairs power when I try to use it. I was getting through a lot of washing (one load on the line, one on the radiators and one in the dryer) today, so I think I’ll have to call that a lost cause. The rain has started again. :(

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