19 June 2007

The good things on a peaceful week

Another funny from Jenna today… She was singing quietly in her comfort corner. “She’ll be coming round the mountain,” so I joined in with her game. Obviously I wasn’t welcome, because she stopped and glared at me and said, “There’s no need to copy!”

That put me in my place! She’s singing all the time this week, just everything she knows and even joining in with things she hasn’t heard before. It’s the loveliest sound, the music of a small child who is totally contented with her life. She was joining in my Beatles album this afternoon, trying to make out the words to Lady Madonna. Given the subject of the song I spent quite a while having my own private giggle about that one.

We are… Centred, again. For want of a better way to put it. Life is really, well, simple. For now.

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