10 June 2007

Balance and friendships

Oh the wedding was perfect, so beautiful and I can’t believe how many nice memories it brought back. It was nice to know that I can still manage the role of friend properly – OK so I say this fairly often – but it does feel sometimes like I always have to choose between roles. It was good to be Morgan’s attached mama and also Sam’s bridesmaid, and not get either job terribly wrong.

The major concern was whether Jenna would disrupt the service and she kind of did! She yelled halfway through because I was blocking her from getting to Emma. I realised that it was ME being disruptive and not her, she went to Em and all was fine. Strangely I think that people didn’t really notice. I was hyper-paranoid about it (wanted to cry in fact) but the only people who mentioned it thought it was sweet and funny and hadn’t seemed annoyed.

Morgan was THE advert for the breastfed baby, contented and sociable – smiling at everyone and actually asking to have cuddles with total strangers, funny little thing. She has only taken three feeds today, which has been so convenient but slightly worrying. I guess she just is taking more at one sitting because I’m certainly noticing the letdown more (and more frequently too), must be my body adjusting for her needs.

This evening was nice too, the girls behaved impeccably at the reception and are now totally flaked out! Can’t wait to see the pictures…

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