18 June 2007

How can it all change so fast?

Morgan has learnt a new game over the last couple of days – she pokes her cheeky little pink tongue out at anyone who pulls faces at her. You can tell she knows how clever it is from the massive grin on her face and the (very very funny) chuckle… Jenna taught her how, the first of many things that no doubt I will regret Morgan knowing! So, lesson one, being cheeky. :)

Jenna got some water in her ear when I was washing her hair on Saturday and since then has complained on and off that her ear hurts. So a trip to a nice nurse today, who said it’s nothing major and that the next couple of days will clear it up. No antibiotics (thank goodness) and plenty of rest. But it bans Jenna from swimming, so I’m very glad that I didn’t tell her she was meant to be going this afternoon.

We had such a lovely weekend in the end, really easy and pleasant. Morgan is always better when out of doors, and we’ve been busy all weekend lol. The car helped us get to Nottingham and for some longer walks, and we had a Father’s Day picnic with the Dads’ group – with Jenna chasing a frisbee for hours and Morgan crawling around on the grass.

I think we’re back to normal. I suppose this is how it goes now with two mobile peoples! All up and down.

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