5 June 2007

100th Diary post!

We had a good weekend in the end, really good in fact. I'm pretty proud of the ammount we've just got done! But I can't say I'm entirely happy - I guess I'm just feeling a bit distant from my babies today. Jenna is making me crazy, she keeps crying at *everything* especially when I won't let her do something. And she keeps making Morgan cry on purpose so that she can kiss it better.

Morgan is cruising and keeps on trying no matter how many times she falls over - the main problem is that she falls over a lot. And I have to pick her up a lot. She wants to go down, and up again, and down, and up again. I remember this being the hardest stage with Jenna. Maximum hassle for minimum feedback.

So it's just riding it out I suppose. I don't feel down in myself, just a bit frustrated and blah with everyone, like I'm struggling to connect. Got to get through it, because like every other stage it will pass (and like every other tough phase, it's essential for them to go through it!).

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