2 June 2007

The Good Life?

So, finally all of the rest of my tiny organic seedlings went in and the vegetable bed is looking, well, finished. It remains to be seen whether I will really grow something but here's hoping! I can't wait to see what comes out of it.

Jenna helped to plant the last row of carrot seeds, but I confess I got a little arsey and took the trowel back when she started trying to dig up one of the few surviving pea seedlings. She didn't seem bothered, and shamed me by giving me a kiss and running off to play on the swing. *blushes*

The chooks in the meantime are being kept at bay by the mesh sheet with bells attached. They seem wary.

One of them managed something amazing yesterday - an egg with no shell at all. It feels like jelly with only a thin membrane and is just starting to dry up and look shrunken. Reading online it seems normal, if slightly unusual - and it just happens every now and again. When I found it I thought I must have done something dreadful and one of The Ladies was dying!

The squishy egg -

My wildflower meadow (yeah yeah OK so they're weeds) -

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