22 June 2007

Weeds are just good plants in bad places :)

The weeds in my garden are looking glorious. I've been identifying the species and we have some really lovely plants out there - Evening Primrose (and lots of it), Rosebay Willowherb, Herb Robert (with the gorgeous bright red leaves), Creeping Jenny (edible when cooked). We're adopting a general policy of minimum interference.

I had to remove some Common Ragwort, with apologies to the beautiful bright red Cinnibar moths who like to lay their eggs on it, because it is poisonous and I don?t want the children to get ill from it. And we mowed the lawn, because the long and prickly grass that likes to summer there is too hard for Morgan?s feet and she loves to play on the grass. We in any case don?t mow the lawn more than three or four times a year. Otherwise we have just let everything go, with great results.

It is certainly an education, seeing what is out there with no effort on my part at all. I was hoping that the poppies would come back, but not yet - on the other hand we have our first appearance of some purplish candytuft, which we did not plant. I might help the end wild patch along by planting a butterfly mix, especially since we were given a lot of wildflower seeds by the BBC at the Springwatch event.

The policy of letting life get on with things also solved the aphid issues with the roses. I spent a few days out there carrying unwilling ladybirds from the hedge to the rosebush and then watching the dratted bugs just sitting their and not eating a single green invader. After a while I got bored of that pursuit and then suddenly one day the aphids were gone and the rose was coming into bud for the second time. One good thing about this rose (a three year old bargain from B&Q), it is very hardy, and just keeps on flowering and flowering no matter what happens to it.

I am just enjoying the sunshine, and the colour, and the life.

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