13 June 2007

The stone collections and trying to improve my temper

We’re still trying to get back our equilibrium. Getting out of the house even though there aren’t any activities going on, just to be OUT. We went to our second story time this week, and to the park in the rain. Whenever we are out of the house Jenna comes back with little stones that she has collected (often as a “present” for somebody). I tried to ask her why, and she told me, “I like stones, they have colours on them. And I like them because they are mine and I can pick them up and keep them.”

I’m keeping away from the computer as much as I reasonably can without suffering from lack of gentle parenting support. It seems to me that it makes me more impatient – I don’t deal very well with being interrupted this week and being interrupted is just part of being a parent. So I’m not doing things that make me feel disturbed when I’m then needed right away.

I can’t tell in the middle of it whether it is getting better or not – I think it must be, as the temptation to hit out is subsiding and that’s always a good sign. I’m not cut out for this.

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