20 June 2007

Learning and other stuff

Jenna has discovered the world of Where’s Wally books – and she’s really rather good at them. She’s much faster than me anyway, but perhaps her eyesight is just better. We certainly learnt a long time ago not to argue with her about something she says she has seen. She’d be there on my back saying, “aeroplane!” and nobody else could see it for the longest time, but she was always right.

She was so funny with one of them though; on the beach. She was giggling at all of the funny things she could see, telling me stories about the characters, and then she pointed to one man and said, “oh no – he’s got sunburn – he hasn’t got any sun cream on!” Just goes to show how quick they are to make connections. Sometimes talking to her I can forget just how little she still is.

Today we have discovered another food that Morgan does NOT like. Baked potato. She loves all kinds of things and eats quite a quantity but the potato at lunch at soft play today she wasn’t impressed with.

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