3 June 2007

More gardening

So today we have done some more gardening, tidied the hedge up, and finally put a stake in for the leaning willow tree. It's lovely spending time out there as a family and I'm so proud of my green growing things.

The chickens are still fine, but a little noisy. Perhaps it is the irritation of being able to see all my huge leafy plants and not being able to get at them - I can't believe how much has survived my amature gardening this year. Peppers, tomatoes, chives, cucumbers, even a tiny courgette seedling that I spotted today... I don't think the peas will make it though, they look a little burnt. At least there is time to start off another lot before the year gets away from us much more.

I had my first crop today too! I suppose it's my second crop, but since the first is the massive basil taking over my kitchen sill I think it deserves recognition for being my first OUTDOOR crop. I planted a sprouting organic potato about six weeks ago and today we dug up a couple of tiny potatoes! We're hoping for more in a few weeks and I'm so pleased with the experiment I might even plant some more (we always have sprouted potatoes lol).

We had another strange egg; just a little lopsided with a greater curve on one side than the other. You don't see those in the shops... It all gives us so much pleasure - to see *real* things in our world.

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