30 June 2007

More chicken care stuff and my lettuces (argh!)

The chickens have cut down their usual laying (one a day each) to one a day, if they can be bothered. Partly I suspect because they don't like being so blinking wet, and it HAS been awful weather (for chickens at least). I'm starting to see the wisdom of keeping ducks instead?

I'm sure they will be back to normal soon, but I've been learning about what chicken poop should look like just for the sake of general health care. It is normal, in case you are worried about them. Very very rarely we have a bright yellow (think newborn baby) poop, or a green one, both of which are sometimes caused by the hens having too much green stuff in their diet. They can be signs of illness though, so at least now we know.

We have also learnt another important fact about chicken poop. It is far too strong to be used directly as a compost and should be rotted first. We had the run standing on the grass for a while and now we have a scorched patch, so the waste definitely needs to go in the compost bin for a while first!

In other news, my lettuces have been eaten - first by slugs and then finished off by the Fat Ladies who are no longer scared of the screen and hopped right over it. Ah well, there are still some interesting happenings in my veggie bed - the carrots look great, and the tomatoes are flowering. :)

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