30 May 2007

Yikes! Wow, she's growing up!

Quick update, Morgan slept through in the moses basket last night. It sits on the floor next to my side of the bed as a holder for clean nappies and baby blankets, but it was empty last night. I have put her in it a few times briefly just for the safe place to lay her when sorting washing and then taken her out before she got upset, but she has never slept in it.

Last night I fed her and then popped her in the basket for a while so I could get ready for bed and get a drink. She seemed happy but sleepy so we turned the lights off, and she startled a bit and grabbed for my hand, and then fell asleep! I was so shocked!

Anyway, she woke at 7am and started scrabbling for me so I pulled her into bed and fed her. I’m amazed.

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