15 May 2007

Nursing strike and more tough stuff with crawling

Jenna has, as feared, decided that crawling Morgan is a BAD thing. She told me last night that she wants Morgan to go away now, and when I told her she couldn’t she said, “I don’t want you, I want to live with Grandma. Which way do I go? I don’t know how to get there.” I cried, and later laughed, and I think we ironed it out.

It’s so hard not to go with the “stop it, leave her, don’t pull her, she isn’t a toy, let her play with that, let go of her” all day every day. Morgan doesn’t want to feed long at the moment and she wants to be crawling around on the floor. Where Jenna immediately goes to play with her, and hurts her, and Morgan gets picked up, and screams louder for me to let her have her toy back again!

Actually, in general, I really want a good long sleep and a break from my babies. Morgan is just biting and hardly feeding and it’s *hard*. I’m so glad I’m not weighing her or I’d be worried sick about how little she’s taking. I’m just relying on the amount of potty times, and distracting myself when I want to panic about my supply failing or Morgan losing weight or anything else silly.

Soft play was good today, though, I think I needed to be out of the house. We all did! And my other good news is that today Morgan crawled properly, up on all fours, moving her hands without flopping down to do so. She’s officially five months and a couple of days old today.

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