8 May 2007

Sling meet and PC time

And back goes the car again. I really don’t want to get one for our family, I really feel like it does little for us for the cost and drives us apart on our journeys. I’m not going to try to have that conversation with him again though, we’ve just been arguing too much this month. I hope we’re getting back on track though, sometimes it feels just like falling in love all over but sometimes I really want to kill him… Welcome to life on earth.

Today was another Sling Meet, and there were four families this month. It was great, all the toddlers and all the slings and all the experiences. It’s good to not feel alone, it can be isolating looking so different without the pushchair. Though there’s always common ground between parents I find. I’ve had some lovely conversations with strangers in changing areas lately… That’s another topic though.

Nope, nevermind, the thread of my thoughts has gone now. I’m tired and distracted, but very happy. Not least because Marlena of Funky Slings has lent me a fabulous, gorgeous brown and turquoise Mei Tai for my demonstrations and I love love love it.

I’m venturing back onto Ivillage today, I feel like I need to or I might not ever do it. I just don’t want to be on here to the exclusion of actually engaging with my children! Plus I’m still half afraid that I’m somehow not quite getting the balance between caring and intimidating… Here goes…

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