29 May 2007

She doesn't want to be home!

It’s so good to have her home! She has been crying a lot this afternoon – first because she wanted to go back to my mum. “Don’t worry, I will come back to you mummy, I just need grandma. I can talk to you on de phone if I like. I will come back and live with you when I’m finished.” But then she also cried because she keeps seeing the news and she’s very upset about Madeleine still. She keeps asking if “that little girl laleine” is back with her mummy yet..

Anyway apparently she missed us a little, and I’m her “big mummy” (still assuming I should take that heartfelt statement from last week as her way of saying I’m important to her!). While she was away I did get to buy some jeans that fit me (yay) and some underwear that doesn’t look matronly, something I just don’t have the time or inclination to bother with shopping for with two in tow. Morgan staying with Martin for three hours while I did so, smiling at me whenever I stuck my head out to see her. *grins*

Also over the weekend Morgan has tried some solids. Banana she hates because it breaks up too easily, she just won't touch the stuff. She isn’t ready to swallow yet so I think we’ll stick with hard foods for sucking and gumming, she so wants to be like us though! She likes cucumber and apple slices.

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