7 May 2007

Martin's Birthday

26 today! I think he’s feeling old. Actually I have had a pretty naff, stressed-out day today because he’s been in a real mood. You know those days when you feel like everything you do is wrong?

We obviously all got out of the wrong side of bed, lol. Our afternoon got so much better though.

We went to Freefest in Loughborough and had a picnic in the drizzle. At least four people were heard to do the “oh, it’s a baby” thing on seeing the sling! Jenna is so funny, headbanging and jumping around to the music and making friends with some of the groups of students sitting around us.

Then we did some gardening again. Yup, on his birthday! We did this last year too, it’s just that time of year. All in all I think we pulled it back from being a really awful day. Good job, because tomorrow is Tuesday and he goes back to work.

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