23 May 2007

Scary view of myself from someone else's perspective

Morgan has spent my BAMBI training today crawling around the room trying to eat folders. This leads neatly into me being asked by the group leader to talk about Baby Led Weaning… Lol! I’m not sure she should wean herself onto paper…

After the group I had another one of those scary and humbling moments where I have no idea what to say and really want to cry – but instead am left protesting that I’m just… normal… well, not anything special for doing what I do. Someone I really respect, a midwife, mother of three grown up children, our group leader, casually said that she thought everything I was doing was fantastic, that I was so knowledgeable and good at teaching others, and that she wished she had known me when her children were babies.

It shocks me that people – that anyone – would think that about me. If a few years ago I could have heard those affirmations, there is no way I’d have recognised anything about myself in there. I do what I do, and I know that it’s according to my conscience and that I really believe in a culture of gentle parenting. But I can’t see myself as being “good” because of that. Maybe one day I’ll live up to it all.

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