4 May 2007

Really relaxed stuff!

We collected our hire car this weekend, and we’re all set for lots of random family time. I haven’t got Martin a present though and I feel pretty awful about that, but I suppose I still haven’t had my present from November LOL!

Jenna has only just come back from two days and nights away, so Morgan and I have just been chilling. We’ve had a lovely relaxed time though, and just spent so much time playing and cuddling… I have dug out the baby massage book and we’ve been spending hours doing baby yoga and gym too. It is just so relaxing to indulge with her, retreat from the world and be. I feel refreshed and contented.

We did some food shopping tonight and we didn’t have to add up as we went along. It really was a treat! And it was nice to not have to compromise on anything either, we could make ethical purchases without then having to buy twenty tins of value tomatoes, or half of our vegetables from Argentina.

I think we will always carry on being careful with our money though – dividing up meat portions and so on, eating vegetarian often, and not buying what we can’t use. It just makes sense to us. Plus the amount Martin is paid will never be huge.

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