29 April 2007

Nursing strike ended?

So Morgan is feeding OK again anyhows. She’s back up to every three hours anyway I think, or perhaps more like every five hours sometimes lol, I can’t even clock watch when I try to! I have got so used to being laid back with her that when I tried yesterday to spend the day just focussed on feeding her and nothing else I couldn’t even remember the gaps or the feed lengths when I wanted to.

I really think I can stop worrying anyway. We are fine. Also we had almost stopped EC and now we’ve got a few more catches and a bit more nappyless time, I’m seeing that she isn’t dehydrated! Her poo is back from thin and dark to thick and mustardy, and she’s going to the potty almost hourly in the mornings. Phew!

My hoover is broken still, and I’m fed up with walking round to borrow EJ’s. Not that we can do anything else though, even now we have been paid – other stuff needs doing first, sadly. Ah well, at least we have a lovely weekend planned and finally Martin has some time off.

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