25 April 2007

More peer support course, random thoughts

BAMBI day again, I’m really enjoying the group and it does bring home to me every week how much I’ve learnt from Ivillage. Not just about breastfeeding, but about supporting people and talking about something you care about without belittling other options. I explained how I feel about “mother guilt” and how to help people view it objectively rather than letting it control you, it clicked for me even more.

I wish I could take back some of the things that have happened in my life, but it is making sense more and more these days that I can and should put the past where it belongs. Even the choices we’re still having to live with the consequences of, they were made with every ounce of me. They were made with all of the best of me. And even if I would choose differently now, I’m so grateful for the knowledge that I *am* choosing. Every day. Every moment.

Jenna has had her hair up today, for the first time – she has enough of it now. She is just the cutest thing with her little pigtails. I put mine up too and she was very impressed with it, she kept on saying, “oooh, look at YOU mummy!” :)

Anyhows, domestic boring stuff. All of it done in love and with a smile. I wish I had gotten more sleep this week but at least sleep is the norm around here. Lucky happy me.

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