6 April 2007

Early celebration for Passover

Money! I would love to be able to not be preoccupied with it! But yay, we actually have some. Martin got a final benefit payment and a back to work incentive (that we didn’t even know about until we were paid it – some incentive!). *phew*

Since yesterday Morgan has been crawling, which I am so blown away by. It isn’t something I was really looking for and I kind of don’t want it to be so soon in a way (still mourning her newborn status) but… She’s just so strong and so determined. I’m very proud of her going round in little circles to the left.

This morning we’ve been to soft play for Chloe’s birthday. They played very nicely so it was far less stressful than I expected – not to mention that it was totally empty, everyone else must have been out in the sunshine on this Good Friday holiday day! It was great to have Martin back for a while too lol, but (don’t tell him I said this) it makes it harder to discipline Jenna because we get in each others’ way.

Walking with Jenna is so funny these days, she has her little imaginary friends all the time and keeps up a running commentary to them about everything. I ask her to hold my hand and she says she can’t because her friend is sitting on it. I love it.

Tonight we’ve planned our Seder meal. It’s a week early but I want Jenna to make the connection since Good Friday is the Passover celebration of the Anglican calendar. I don’t want the two to get too separated so I think we’ll do it this way as un-traditional as it may be.

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