27 April 2007

Thoughts on diplomacy and babies being noisy

There is this thing about the volume of noise your baby produces. It goes direct to your ears in a way that no-one else’s children do… This is how, I suspect, I could come home thinking that Morgan had been a little sod today when everyone else commented on how quiet she is…

Anyway, my Children First training is now over. I am very glad I don’t have to redo that two day course. Very glad indeed. It was kind of held over me that if Morgan wasn’t “good” I’d have to do the training another time, so I was ultra stressed.

I’ve also been a little stressed about being online. I don’t know quite what to do about it. I just keep either getting into rows or sitting on my hands feeling I can’t actually say what I feel on any given matter or I’ll upset someone. Maybe my diplomacy is going downhill. Or maybe society is. ;)

It comes down to this. I’m not afraid of being judged. I’m not afraid of hurting people. I’m afraid of a contorted mixture of both of those – I am truly hurt and afraid by the idea that I am appearing to judge other people.

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