7 April 2007

General updates and how to move forward

Last night was wonderful. Jenna joined in the scripture study with her little sweet funny ideas, and the food was pretty good too if I say so myself. It was especially special having Emma and Chris here. It always feels right having them be part of our family even if they live so far away now most of the time. Jenna woke them early this morning jumping on their bed…

She seems to be waking before she is ready a lot at the moment, it’s hard to know what to do. I think I need to start making her take naps but… All I can think is that maybe daylight savings messed up her body clock because she’s sleeping normal hours (8 til 8 mostly) but she just wakes up so tired.

I’m dealing OK with the moaning though, normally that really tries my patience. I do love being here with the two of them. I find I’m more patient with Jenna and talk more to her because I have to – it’s just us and I have nobody to fall back on or to use as an excuse when I handle things badly. It’s still going really nicely.

And Morgan has had two days without nappies at all. She has worn a couple and had them taken off dry. And overnight I’ve been pottying her too – but I’m more nervous about that after cracking her shins on the sink a couple of nights ago in the dark, poor mite.

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