10 April 2007

Getting around to posting these!

Another day another entry. I really must post these up – I’m not avoiding IVillage, I’m just so busy I’m barely managing to type in everything I think I need to remember during each day. I read some back a few days ago and cried – the time slips away and slips away and I’m left with different children by the end of just a single week. And all the details you forget, they are precious jewels.

Jenna is asking for Martin a lot today, which makes me rather sad for her but also rather selfishly sad for me. I don’t get a lot of time to myself – and normally I don’t really want it but… It’s the theory of biscuits again (if you eat one you want the whole packet) because I had a night out last night and I’m feeling a little cooped up today.

I went out for Salsa classes, and I don’t think anyone else would have thought I was having a night off! I took Morgan along and danced with her in the sling which was quite some workout. Very good fun, totally crazy, and such a break from having two with me lol. I don’t have to watch Morgan and she sleeps in the sling so it was almost like not having kids again (only heavier).
I totally know that I’d get tired and touched out more often trying to gently parent and live responsively without the wraps.

Now I must away, and do something with Jenna before she succeeds in posting that handful of loose change somewhere interesting – she has already rejected a narrow-necked vase as a proposition and she’s trying the radiator. *sigh* Unschooling math/spatial awareness lessons anyone? ;)

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