16 April 2007

General Morgan and Chicken updates

Morgan is doing well at the crawling thing, though she goes backwards half of the time still! She also seems finally to be calming down and nursing more normally – but boy has the garden fallen behind while she’s been having this last growth spurt, I have so many jobs to do! Also she is only sleeping at night, and not napping apart from at the breast. It’s a lot of fun playing all day (with both of them) but it’s hard work doing anything else.

Those chooks keep on escaping over the fence too, stupid fat lovely egg-producing birdies. They obviously think that next door has a particularly succulent type of spider living on their side, they just want to get onto that decking and gorge themselves, it’s so tempting! Thankfully Nicky doesn’t seem that bothered by them, but I still don’t want it to carry on as nobody else should have to clean up after my pets. They are under house arrest until we can raise the height of the fence.

I’m really sick of waiting til the end of the month. Money plays much too big a part of our lives. :(

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