18 April 2007

How much Jenna loves Morgan

I had a funny, scary, lovely talk with Jenna this morning. She saw something in my Green Parent, “a Earth Pool!!” And she talked about when Morgan was born, “and the baby was all wrapped up in a towel, and she was all small.” She says that soon Morgan will be big, and then “she can share my toys and then she will walk and I can pick her up to press the button on the green man”. My heart melts.

But wait, there is more.
Jenna: “Is there a baby in your tummy now?”
Me: “No.”
Jenna: “But there will be soon?”
Me: “No, not soon, maybe one day.”
Jenna: “I want another baby, because Morgan is getting big now.”Me: “So we need another baby?”
Jenna: “Yes. Another sister like Morgan.”

Rofl, she is the best. :)

Today we had a meet at Bumpi’s – Ivillage Teen Mums. Just a few of us. It was fab to see Kim and Jack again, I can’t believe how grown up he is now. All of those tiny babies are just so scarily big all of a sudden. It brings it all back to me how much of Jenna’s life I have just sped through!

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