17 May 2007

Chance to sort things out with Morgan

Jenna has gone off again. It does sometimes feel like she’s hardly home now, but she begged to go to Happy Tots with granddad so I phoned to see what we could arrange. They collected her earlier, and she won’t be back again until tomorrow night. That at least gives me some time to research nursing strikes and persuading fussy biting babies to take milk…

I think I’ve been shouting less though, now that I’m hyper-aware of it. I can’t really fix all the issues, and I’m having to stop Jenna hurting Morgan a LOT, but shouting wasn’t fixing it either. Watch this space.

Later the same day:

We’ve cracked it, I know why Morgan isn’t feeding, and it’s fixable and I can do it and we’re going to be OK!

I have an overactive letdown, and oversupply, and I knew this. I just didn’t associate it with her biting and messing and refusing to feed. But I’ve been reading LLL pages and that’s it! It has been making her gassy and frightening her because she can’t breathe as well, and she is biting to slow the flow.

Treatment is basically a couple of days feeding off only one side for a few hours, then only the other side for the next few hours, to tell my body to stop producing so much. Hopefully that should fix it. And so far, it has. Morgan has fed all day, but perhaps she’s making up for this week. Certainly she isn’t fussing and screaming and tugging. It’s all good. Thank Heaven for that. :)

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