19 May 2007

Improvements? Hope for being able to breastfeed...

Feeding is going so much better, but it is still very frequent. She’s obviously getting more hindmilk now my supply is less crazy, and that is making her feel better (less tummy ache for a start). I just want to get back my connection with her, I don’t want to feel so empty about feeding her – though I suppose it’s normal not to feel mushy when it’s hard work! I’m still working at not switching her over until she takes a proper feed.

We’ve been doing a lot of jobs while we actually have a proper two-day weekend, it certainly makes a change not to think of Saturday as a normal working day. I miss having so much time, that’s the real downside of Martin earning again. We’ve just slowed down and doing homey stuff. It’s irritating that it’s raining now and getting dark so we can’t finish the garden (not that I have enough compost anyway) but the lawn is tidy and it does look good out there.

Jenna has been playing a little bit less aggressively with Morgan, but it must be confusing for her. Now that Morgan is all over the place and crawling and noisy, it must seem to her like her sister is actually grown up, and much more robust than she actually is. Anyway we’ve been having to go back to reminding Jenna almost constantly not to pick her up or drag her.

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