16 May 2007

Nursing strike getting WORSE

So, BAMBI day again, only with no course this week. We did a bf promo event, and invited loads of the local midwives and health visitors. It was fun, and we took a lot of pictures – including some of the slings. One of the other BAMBIs, Kerry, has borrowed my Ellaroo for a while because she’s in need of a good carrier now that her baby is almost ten months.

I thought that Jenna would have to come with me because my in-laws couldn’t take her again, but Emma called at the last minute and arranged to come and play instead. I thought I’d bless Martin by sending him to the cinema with them (Spider-Man 3) and hence totally mucked up the plans we’d already made for this evening to go see Dougie and EJ.

I honestly didn’t mean to, but I’m running on no sleep still. One of the worst things with feeding going so badly is that I’m feeling the pressure to be the all-natural-gentle-hippy-super-mom so I’m slightly grateful that I don’t have to be going anywhere. Dragging the girls out to soft play was pretty hard, but I knew there would be lots of other breastfeeders there and it’s always good to have someone with more experience to sound off to. And the group this morning may have been a promo event but I was dying to see Marie and Debbie and ask “ARRGGGH, WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH HER??!!!”.

Going anywhere else, ugh. I don’t even want to see my brothers, or the next door neighbour, or anyone. I want to curl in on myself and my tiny one until I break this flippin nursing strike. It’s breaking my heart.

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