22 May 2007

Dealing with Jenna's bad dreams

Jenna is having nightmares again, she complains of having monsters in her room and stuff like that. She won’t come into our bed though. Not for want of permission! Last night she shouted me in a panic begging me to take a “bull” out of her bedroom because “it’s going to butt my”. We just have to calm her down as best we can, but she usually responds very well to a pantomime of kicking the bull (or whatever) out of the house, and then a gentle explanation that it isn’t a REAL monster and it can’t REALLY hurt her etc.

Today I got a haircut (for the third time in three years), I had a depressing time being fitted for a bra that looks like military equipment, and we went for pizza with my Dad – obviously not all at the same time. All is, well, pretty normal. We’re eating way too much junk food though. Another downside of having money around (less incentive to be frugal and green) I’m such a hypocrite sometimes.

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