9 May 2007

Still a bit off centre and needing support!

Martin and I really rowed this morning, and I hate falling out with him. We’ve both been tired (again) and he’s really grumpy (again) but it was a little more serious than that. It feels like I’m working pretty hard to stop yelling at Jenna when she pesters Morgan, but then he comes home and just starts shouting. I just don’t feel strong enough to be a gentle parent on my own. But when he starts I start, and I hate that Jenna feels pushed out and passed over in favour of the baby. :(

Emma babysat for me earlier so I could go to my BAMBI training, and now Jenna has gone swimming and called to say she’s staying with Grandma tonight so I have this evening to reflect on the whole discipline issue and try to sort out my head (and Martin’s!). Yelling NO is absolutely just making everyone miserable.

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